You don’t need to spend a fortune on grooming to have your Keeshond look fabulous! With an hour or so once a week, and the right tools, you can do it yourself! Fetch our grooming pages here!



You’ll find some of our recommended reading here. 



We rarely have young puppies in rescue. We occasionally have older puppies, adolescents (6 months to 2 years old), and young adult Kees available.

If your heart is set on a purebred Keeshond puppy, please purchase your puppy from a reputable hobby breeder! A reputable breeder loves Kees, and is working to improve the breed. Reputable breeders have the puppies’ parents tested for health problems (such as hip and elbow dysplasia) that they could pass on to their puppies, take excellent care of their dogs, will give you advice and support if you need help with your puppy, and will take the dog back if you can’t keep it. A reputable breeder will be there for you for the dog’s lifetime.

Here’s our article on how to find a puppy.



Keeshond Sunshine Rescue Foundation – providing funding for medical expenses for Keeshonden in foster care.

Southern California Keeshond Rescue – rescuing Keeshonden in Southern California

Peak to Peak Keeshond Fanciers – rescuing Keeshonden in Colorado

Tri-state Keeshond Rescue – rescuing Keeshonden in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana

Turbo Kees Foundation – rescuing Keeshonden in Chicago and beyond

Seacoast Keeshond Rescue – rescuing Keeshonden in Massachusetts.

Keeshond Rescue Ontario – rescuing Keeshonden in Ontario, Canada (and beyond)



White Pine Outfitters – our favorite collars! They’re machine washable, last for years, and they won’t damage your Keeshond’s coat!

Chris Christensen – brushes, shampoos, and other grooming supplies. (See our grooming pages for more info on grooming a Keeshond.)

Pet Food Express – California’s premier pet supply stores! They carry high-quality foods and supplies, have self-wash bathing stations, and they’re very rescue-friendly! We love them!

Gunner Kennels – The only travel crate to earn a 5-Star Crash Test Rating from the Center for Pet Safety.

Sleepypod Clickit Harnesses – 5-Star Crash Tested safety harnesses for dogs on the go!

DogTrekker – California has gone to the dogs! Dog-friendly things to do, and places to stay, eat, play, and hike, all over California! Sign up for their free weekly newsletter here.

PreventiveVet – Dog Health and Dog Safety – Browse this site for many excellent articles on dog health and safety, from arthritis to xylitol!

Karma Rocks Photography – Linda Blake is our amazing, incredibly patient, go-to photographer for awesome dog portraits!

Ann Ranlett, MSA – Master scratchboard artist Ann Ranlett draws incredible fine art pet portraits from your photographs.

Tug Dogs – Dog trainers in Northern California. They have special expertise in helping dogs with fear, anxiety, and reactivity problems. Highly recommended.

DogWise – Great selection of books and videos on dog training and care.

Whole Dog Journal – Well-researched, in-depth articles about dog care and training.

Clean Run – Everything for agility and dog lovers! A great source of treats, toys, and training equipment for all kinds of dogs.