Annie Oakley


Adoption Pending

Wait! That’s not a Keeshond! Every now and then, our volunteers fall in love with a dog that’s not a Keeshond, but is related to Kees, and they can’t resist rescuing her!

Darling Annie is a blue merle Pomeranian, a smaller cousin to the Keeshond. This very unusual little girl has a pretty, fluffy coat with smoky gray and black markings, and beautiful, sparkling, multi-colored eyes (one blue eye and one brown!)

Annie Oakley is a pistol! She’s a confident, good-natured punkin (all 8 pounds of her!) She gets along perfectly with other dogs, cats, and bunnies. The cats and bunny are bigger than she is! LOL

Annie loves people. She does well with men and women, but due to her tiny size, an adult home (or respectful teenagers) would be best for her. She needs close supervision outdoors, because she would be merely a morsel for a hawk, owl, or coyote — she cannot be left outside unattended.

Annie may be tiny, but she’s no powder puff! Inside her cute little body is a much bigger dog, courageous, self-assured, full of curiosity and joie de vivre. She runs fast, and she bounces and springs amazingly high, like an acrobat on a trampoline (no trampoline needed!) She’s not intimidated by big dogs, so her humans will need to make sure she doesn’t get herself trampled by dogs playing too rough for her.

She likes to be held, but she also likes to be a dog, running around the house exploring and getting right into the middle of everything that’s going on. She likes to jump into her foster dad’s chair and sit next to him, and to wrap herself up in a blankie all toasty warm on a cold day. Then, she’s off to play tug, and to shake the fleecy tug toy when she “wins.” She keeps her foster family laughing, that’s for sure!


Thank you to Linda Blake, KarmaRocks Photography, for Annie’s photos!