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Twix arrived in rescue at the age of 11 months. His first owner loved him dearly, but her husband had no patience with his typical puppy antics. And, truth be told, Twix was a handful! Unusually intelligent, with more than his share of energy, he was busy all day long, playing, exploring, up to mischief. The lady loved his affectionate good nature and his sense of humor, and he soon had her wrapped around his little paw. But her husband demanded constantly that she "make the puppy behave" or get rid of him. She tried taking him to a behaviorist, and finally allowed her husband to have him debarked (just before he was 9 months old), but that wasn't good enough. Two months later, the man gave her an ultimatum -- it was him or the puppy.

Twix's foster mom knew right away that he was a special boy. At 11 months, he already knew sit, down, wait, come and uh-uh. He loved toys and playing fetch, tug-of-war, hide and seek. He was the perfect dog for someone who wanted a smart dog, who wouldn't try to squash his wonderful spirit, who'd channel his energy into good things like agility. And she knew just the person for him!

Twix is really enjoying life these days. He loves having tons of toys to play with, a yard to romp in, squirrels to chase and lots of canine wrestling buddies. At night, Twix adores snuggling with his new mom, his head draped contentedly over her hand. They recently started obedience training. In a few months, his climbing and jumping abilities will be put to positive use when he begins agility training.

Twix is fascinated by water. Whether it's a babbling brook, a rain shower or a bowl of drinking water to dive into, if it's wet, Twix is there. Especially exciting is the bathtub. Twix often jumps into the dry tub and paws and sniffs at the tap. If only he could figure out how to make the water appear! One time he surprised his new mom by jumping in and joining in her bubble bath. Water and bubbles everywhere ... along with a very wet and delighted Twix!

Twix's smiling face says it all: sweet, happy, intelligent, with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. Twix is always ready for whatever fun comes his way. This sweet scamp has filled his new home with laughter and sunshine.

Twix wins High in Trial UPDATE: May, 2008: Our rascally Twix has grown up into an agility star! Here he is winning Novice High in Trial at the Workin Paws/PASA ASCA trial in October, 2006. He has a string of titles after his name -- he's Twix, CL3, CL4-S, PJ1, PK1, RS-N, GS-N, JS-O, CGC. We're so proud of him and his mom!

Twix jumping


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