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Introducing the Keeshond

The Keeshond is a handsome, medium-sized dog whose ideal height is 17-18" at the shoulder. He attracts admiring attention for his abundant silvery-gray to black shaded coat, for his alert expression (notice the "spectacles"), and his white-plumed tail curled tightly over his back.

The personality of the Keeshond fairly sparkles. This spirited disposition makes him an ideal companion in the home. He loves company and never tires of play, a most important attribute around children. Though he's friendly, he quickly develops into an excellent watchdog -- alert and discriminating. His intelligence and quick, eager desire to please make him an ideal dog for formal obedience training.

The Keeshond has been bred for several centuries as a family companion and watchdog in the Netherlands. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the Keeshond was used extensively on the barges and floating homes in Holland, where they guarded the cargo and provided companionship for the children. It is one of the few breeds never bred to hunt or attack, which accounts for its gentle devotion to its owners.

The Keeshond is a loving, cheerful and playful dog, typically very good with children and other animals. His lovely silver, black and cream coat and perky curled tail can make an owner proud. But like all breeds, one must also understand his special qualities.

The Keeshond is a house dog. He's a very people-oriented dog who needs to be included in family life and given the attention and affection of any family member. Leaving him alone too long or shunting him off to the backyard is guaranteed to cause behavior problems, such as digging, excessive barking, or overexcitement when he is given access to people.

The Keeshond is also an energetic breed. He tends to remain playful and bouncy until he's well into old age. For many of us, this is an ideal quality, but it may be too active for someone who prefers a sedate dog.

The Keeshond was bred as an alarm-sounding watchdog for the canal barges in Holland. You should be prepared for the fact that a Keeshond can be "barky."

His beautiful, distinctive coat insulates him against cold, hot and wet weather and is surprisingly low-maintenance. However, it does require regular grooming. He should be brushed once a week and bathed every few months.

Once you surrender your heart to a Kees, you will never be lonely, or bored, or unloved. If you'd enjoy a little cheer in your life, a fluffy, kissable Keeshond clown may be just what you're looking for!


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