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Sophie upside down


Sophie moved to her forever home on February 7, 2009. She was excited to find that she had her own yard - a yard with lots of green grass and cool places where a puppy could take long peaceful naps while Mom gardened. And then there were the flowers! It seems that Sophie likes to smell each of the flowers every morning! She's very careful not to trample them, and doesn't ever seem to think of taking a small nibble out of one, but she sure makes a point of smelling them! Now, she likes to "help" Mom do the planting and weeding. "Helping" usually involves lying tucked up right next to Mom or checking to make sure that Mom dug the holes for the plants correctly!

Sophie never meets anyone she doesn't like...human or animal! She's made friends with all the neighbors to the point that the small children often knock on the front door and ask if Sophie can "come out and play with us." If her Mom is cooking that day, Sophie would much rather stay in, just in case anything might "fall out" of the pot! If there's no cooking happening, Sophie and her Mom will usually go out and play with the kids for a while.

Sophie seems to enjoy being an "only dog" in her home, soaking up all the love and attention that her Mom can give her. There are soft, cushy dog beds and more toys than a girl can spread all over the house! She really has the best of both worlds though, as her Auntie and Uncle Carl have four of their own forever Keeshonds, plus a foster dog. She enjoys being part of that pack, and goes to visit at least once a week. Since being home, Sophie has completed her first level of Rally classes, and has earned her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate!

Sophie and her Mom are moving into their first home of their own as this is being written. The yard is larger, and there's a fireplace for naps when next year's winter weather makes it too cold to be outside. Sophie's mom says, "I can't imagine not having Sophie in my life. She owns my heart, and is my heart-dog! No matter how difficult my day, or how bad I'm feeling, Sophie brings real joy and peace to my spirit!"


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