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Puffer in his skunk costume


Puffer came to us because his dad passed away unexpectedly. The gentleman's son loved Puffer, but as a student living in an apartment, he's not able to have a dog. As always, BARK was happy to help Puffer and his family, and we quickly brought him into foster care.

Puffer is a dog who has clearly been loved dearly. He and his dad were together nearly all the time, and losing his dad has been a hard adjustment for him. The first few weeks were especially difficult. Puffer barked and cried night and day. He couldn't sleep, and became distressed whenever he was left alone for even a short time.

Luckily, his foster mom works at home, so she's been able to be there for him, and she's worked hard to help him adjust. With her love and patience, he's settled in and is doing much better.

Because he was so upset at first, it took a few weeks to figure out that some of his crying was due to his painful hips and back. Puffer is grossly overweight (he's such a cute beggar, his dad clearly couldn't resist.) Unfortunately, his weight is a serious health problem for him -- it puts a lot of strain on his joints, it's hard for him to get up and move around, and he's very uncomfortable. We have him on pain medication and a weight-loss diet. His foster mom is taking him for walks every day, and trying very hard to resist his pleading eyes. It's much easier said than done, but he'll be so much happier when he's at a healthy weight!

Puffer is a good-natured, gentle boy who gets along well with men and women, dogs and cats. At our BARK-toberfest, he wore his skunk costume patiently (see the photos - he was so cute!) and he got along perfectly with the entire crowd of dogs and people he met. He'll do best with a retired person or someone who works at home, who can spend a lot of time with him. He'll repay their love with his devotion.

Puffer isn't ready yet for adoption -- we need to keep him in foster care until he's at a healthy weight. If you're interested in adopting this adorable, faithful boy when he's ready, please click here for information about our adoption process. Click here for our adoption application. Please note: We place our dogs only in Northern California.

Puffer having fun at BARK-toberfest


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