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Nala in her bandanna


Stunning Nala was loved, but her dad's hard times forced her to be separated from her human and four dog companions. Away from her familiar doggie friends and home, Nala was worried about other dogs. We've enrolled her in a training camp and she's shown remarkable improvement.

Nala is a very sensitive and smart dog who loves people and is enthusiastic about learning. At camp, she's learning how to walk politely on leash without pulling (even when other dogs are barking at her!) She's also learning basic obedience commands (including coming when called, sit, and down), and she's working on settling in the house. She enjoys the name game and one of her favorite new skills is "park it" (going to a comfy bed and staying there - see the photo below.) She is very talented, and she's super motivated by treats and play, so she's fun to teach. These are just some of the skills she's been learning! As her "final exam" from camp, she'll take her Canine Good Citizen test and receive her CGC award. She's such a good girl! :-)

The right home for Nala will be with someone who is a gentle but confident leader looking for an active dog partner. In addition to being very sweet and sensitive, she loves treats and toys, which makes her motivated to earn rewards. At camp, she's learning that when she does what people ask, really good things happen! Nala is happiest when she is using both her brain and her energy to please her human. She would excel at tricks, freestyle dance or nose work! Camp counselors will provide a list of things that Nala has already learned, as well as guidance on continuing her education.

Because of her worries around other dogs, Nala would most likely do best as an only dog. However, the trainers have given her lots of social time and exposure to other friendly dogs, and with proper introductions, she is doing wonderfully with friendly, social dogs. If you think Nala is the right dog for you and you already have a dog, we would welcome your application with the understanding that the dogs would need to meet and be assessed before an adoption can be finalized.

For the right person, Nala will be a once-in-a-lifetime dog. If you enjoy an active, bright dog who loves to have fun with her person, we'd love to hear from you!

If you're interested in adopting this very special girl, please click here for information about our adoption process. Click here for our adoption application. Please note: Nala is available for adoption only in Northern California.

Nala practicing park it Nala demonstrating her agility


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