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Myles at Christmas


BARK rescued three poor Keeshond dogs from a puppymill just before Thanksgiving, 2011. Their foster families named them Butternut, Myles and Faith, in honor of Thanksgiving and the happy future that's now ahead of them. Despite the years of neglect and inhumane treatment they endured at the hands of the puppymiller, all 3 dogs are sweet and loving -- a testament to the optimistic spirit and lovely temperament of this wonderful breed!

At 10 or 11 years old, Myles had spent years living in a chicken coop. He had never been seen by a veterinarian, not even for a rabies vaccination. His filthy, matted coat was full of fleas, feces, and debris. He had roundworms, severe, painful infections in both ears, a urinary tract infection, and abscessed teeth.

Myles is now healthy and loving his happy new life! Here he is, enjoying his first Christmas! He's taken astonishingly well to city life. He has a Keesie brother named Smokey, several rescued kitties, a home full of music, and a mom and dad who are opera singers. He enjoys being on kitchen patrol with Smokey! His mom writes,

"Myles and Smokey are doing well together and the new kitty has also gotten over her fears, at least until there is barking. Myles knows the treat-after-the-walk routine and comes straight into the kitchen. Today I had 3 voice students and he greeted them all and then slept on the floor outside my teaching room with Smokey during the lessons. He is undaunted by tenors or sopranos.

He has completely enchanted all my voice students and the guests we had in for Thanksgiving. He expects all the neighbors and passersby to pet him when we're on walks, and seems fascinated by open car doors. No skittishness at all about strangers or loud noises - even the trash trucks don't faze him. A truly remarkable little guy."  


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