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In Loving Memory of our Keeshond Friends

Keeshonden at Rainbow Bridge

This page is a tribute to Keeshonden who have touched our lives. Each soul leaves a legacy of love. Each memory builds a bridge between this world and the next.


Sunshine, BARK Ambassador

Sunny arrived in her foster home on the bright, sunny first day of Spring. With her gentle nature and sweet personality, she soon captured the hearts of her foster family, and became our official Keeshond Rescue Ambassador.

How Sunny loved children! If she heard a child's voice at a distance, we had to hold onto her, or she would run to say hello. Skidding to a stop in front of the child, eyes sparkling and tail wagging with delight, she would dance gently until the child and her parent realized they had nothing to fear. Then she would reach out softly and give the child the sweetest little kisses.

Sunny knew instinctively who needed her to be extra gentle. She would run to greet an elderly lady, and as she drew near, she would slow down and walk quietly beside the lady's walker, smiling up at her, always careful not to bump into her or get in her way.

Sunny's life was a celebration of love. We are so grateful to have shared it with her.



When Barnaby was picked up by animal control, he was nearly dead from starvation. He weighed only 17 pounds -- less than half his normal weight. We rescued him, hoping to nurse him back to health and find him a good home.

Barnaby's blood work didn't look good, but we hoped it would improve with good nutrition and a tincture of time. His foster family fed him well and surrounded him with love. He'd obviously been a backyard dog. For the first time in his life, he enjoyed a cozy bed in a warm, comfortable house and was part of a loving family! Barnaby ate well, gained weight and grew stronger. He even began to play with toys!

Over the months, his blood work looked worse each time we tested it, and eventually, the vet discovered a tumor in his abdomen. Despite all the good care in the world, poor Barnaby could not live much longer. We decided to keep him in his foster home and fill his life with as much good time as we could. What fun he had, playing with toys and making his foster family laugh! How he enjoyed his first real Christmas, sleeping under the tree on the soft carpet. When it was time, his foster family held him gently in their arms and helped him to the Rainbow Bridge.

We'll always treasure the memory of dear, gentle Barnaby! We wish we could have given him many years of happiness, but we find comfort in knowing that he experienced love in his life.



When we adopted Skye from Keeshond Rescue, she was rather shy and reserved. She had had a tough time at her prior home and appeared wary of strangers. It was amazing to see her transformation into the most loving companion. She loved running around her big backyard and snuggling with her new mom and dad. She had two wonderful years with her new family who loved her unconditionally. Her passing was unexpected, but we hope her short time with us made up for the rough life she may have had before becoming a part of our family.





Gidget was adopted from Nor-Cal Keeshond Rescue. This is a precious photograph of her, because she was afraid of the camera and would run and hide when her family tried to take her picture. Her dad writes:

"It's hard to write anything about Gidget. We know she had been in Rescue twice, but not why. We knew one of the complaints about her was that she didn't bark. (I know a lot of people who would have loved that in a dog.) From secondary evidence we knew she had been abused. We don't even know her age. I remember teaching her to take longer walks. She would go out, do her business, and want to go home. After a short time she learned to take longer walks and looked forward to them. When we took her to the local park she got to explore a lot of new places. When I took her into the creek I had to teach her to swim. Once she learned to swim she was so proud of having crossed the creek.

She did make her self at home right away. While she was very shy of strangers, she was very loving of us, her family. She found early that when one of us was in a recliner the lap was available for a nap and a good ear scratch. She also discovered the bed was a safe place to sleep. One morning before the walk I was playing with her on the back deck and she barked at me. She thought she was in trouble, her ears went down and the tail too. She was very happy and relieved when I praised her. She didn't bark often, but when she did she was very proud of herself!"



BARK rescued Toga from a high-kill shelter, where he arrived as a stray. He was adopted by a wonderful gentleman in San Francisco. Don and Toga loved one another dearly and spent eight happy years together, enjoying long walks in the City and making many friends in their neighborhood.

Sadly, Don became ill. He fought valiantly for months, but the cancer and treatment took their toll, and he eventually realized that he could endure no more. Hospice caregivers came to look after him and relieve his pain, while his neighbors surrounded him with love and cared for Toga. Early one morning, Don passed away with his devoted Toga by his side.

Toga returned to BARK that afternoon. At first, he was excited whenever his foster family took him for a walk. No doubt, he thought he was going home to the dad he loved so much. Fortunately, the Keeshond is a resilient dog. As time passed, he settled in to his new routine, rediscovered his joy in life, and came to love his foster mom and dad.

Toga was 11 years old when he returned to BARK, and he had some serious health issues. With the help of our vets and excellent care from his foster family, we were able to give him a good year. He loved hanging out with his foster family, and going for walks in the park every afternoon.

What a happy, gentle soul Toga was! His foster family misses him tremendously, but we all take comfort in knowing that he and Don are together again.



When Romeo was 11 months old, he was rescued from the puppymill where he was born and brought to one of BARK's safe foster homes. He'd never been handled, never been anywhere, and he was terrified! That first afternoon, he plastered himself as far back inside his crate as he could get and refused to come out. He was NOT going to come out by himself, he would not be coaxed out, and putting a leash on him panicked him entirely. Eventually, his foster mom realized that the only way she was going to get him out of that crate was to pull him out. Taking a deep breath, she got on her hands and knees, crawled headfirst into the crate with the terrified dog, took hold of his ruff and... he kissed her nose! She still had to carry him outside, because he was too scared to walk. But she knew then that he could be saved.

Romeo spent many months in his foster home, making slow progress, learning to be less frightened of new things and people. Finally, he found his forever home with a patient family who continued to encourage him. With their wonderful care, he blossomed into a happy dog who loved his mom and dad, enjoyed snuggling up in the evenings to watch TV, and even found the confidence to do some agility!

Romeo's life was a testament to the power of love.


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