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One look at Loki's photo reveals that he could easily be a champion. This young, well-bred Keeshond was rescued from a high kill shelter. He was a stray, with no identification. Why his family never looked for him in the shelter is a mystery, and it's impossible to know who his breeder is. Luckily, the shelter called Keeshond Rescue, and he was soon safe in a foster home.

As a rambunctious adolescent, Loki needed lots of training and exercise to help him channel his energy, and BARK had the perfect family waiting for him. He was adopted the day after Christmas. The people and Loki were a wonderful present for one another!

Loki and his dadToday, Loki's days are filled with love and happiness. He plays at the dog park until he's exhausted, running and chasing with his dog friends, and playing hide and seek with his dad. He goes for car rides and walks (he's learned to walk very nicely on leash.) Sometimes he visits the groomer and comes home looking like a show dog. When his dad works on the computer, Loki relaxes on his comfy bed under the desk. In the evenings, he falls asleep in the easy chair with his dad.

We can't imagine a happier ending to this wonderful dog's story! Loki and his family were meant for one another. We wish them many joyful years together!



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