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Sweet Luna


(formerly called Faith)

BARK rescued three poor Keeshond dogs from a puppymill just before Thanksgiving, 2011. Their foster families named them Butternut, Myles and Faith, in honor of Thanksgiving and the happy future that's now ahead of them. Despite the years of neglect and inhumane treatment they endured at the hands of the puppymiller, all 3 dogs are sweet and loving -- a testament to the optimistic spirit and lovely temperament of this wonderful breed!

Sweet Faith (renamed Luna by her new mom and dad) is the youngest and most confident of the three. She was living in a chicken coop with Myles.

All three dogs were filthy! Their coats were heavily matted, full of fleas, feces and debris. They were all suffering from severe, painful infections in both ears and urinary tract infections. Faith (Luna) also had heartworms... a life-threatening condition that's easily prevented with a once-a-month dose of heartworm medication. To save her life, she needed heartworm treatment, which is very risky. The drug used to kill the heartworms is a toxic arsenic derivative, and as the worms die, they can break apart and cause embolisms. She had to be kept very quiet for several weeks to avoid dangerous complications.

Luna sailed through her heartworm treatments, and can finally run and play! She's enjoying her new freedom and her loving new mom and dad! Her dad writes:

Luna at the park "Luna's come a long way since her time in the chicken coop! She's a very smart dog and quickly picked up on obedience training. Beyond the sit, down and stay, Luna's got a wide repertoire of fun tricks she can do to get treats out of visitors, pet store employees, and people at the park. She's become very good at doing roll overs, playing dead and "shake." Luna also closes kitchen cabinets if we need her to help out with the chores.

Luna enjoying 
				the view of the Bay Luna's learned to be a very good walker on-leash, but off-leash at the park is where she's really in her element. Luna is very social with other dogs, loves going in the water and exploring all the various smells on the path. She is not shy about coming up to strangers and demanding treats for a shake or a sit.

Out of all the exciting things she does during the day, her favorite time is still snuggling with us in bed. Luna is a wonderful girl who has become a member of our family. We love her very very much."

Luna pretending to be a monster!


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